McGivney Center of Hope and Healing
"I am most grateful for this new pro-life initiative in the Archdiocese, which will compliment the work of crisis pregnancy centers by supporting and assisting new mothers in need and make visible the truth and beauty of the church's belief in the sacredness in human life."
Francis Cardinal George, OMI Archbishop of Chicago
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Helping Women Who Choose Life For Their Baby
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If interested, you can join our community as a mom, staff member, or volunteer.

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Process for Moms to Enter the Fr. McGivney Center

pregnant women

If a woman is interested in being a guest at the McGivney Center she must

  • Be able to provide proof of pregnancy
  • Be at least 18
  • Be free from drugs and alcohol for a period of time
  • Not be fleeing a current domestic violence situation
  • Be willing to live in accordance with the established rules
  • Be committed to working on goals of self-improvement

Before a pregnant woman moves into the center, she meets twice at an offsite location with at least one the center's staff members. The interviews give both the pregnant woman and the McGivney Center an opportunity to get to know each other and determine if the McGivney Center is the community resource best suited to assist the woman with her unique needs. We will schedule the first of two interviews with the first woman that calls who meets the basic criteria. While many openings are filled quickly there is the possibility that they may not be filled for several days. We also may have a series of openings for several weeks and then will not have openings for a month or more. Therefore, we have compiled a list of resources for other local shelters in the case there are no openings or if the McGivney Center is not a good fit.